Lexus UX Crossover Concept Interior Revealed!

Lexus UX Concept Interior

The Lexus UX crossover concept will debut next week at the Paris Motor Show, and today we get a peek inside with this new interior photo — here it is in full resolution (click for the full image):

Lexus UX Concept Interior Full

There is a distinctive 3D appearance to the interior — there’s a texture to all materials, and even the display screens use holograms to appear three-dimensional. All switchgear is electrostatic, similar to the temperature controls found in the current IS, and the windows are electro-chromatic with user-adjustable tinting.

There is one final detail, and one that could be a pretty amazing production feature — the passenger side of the dashboard is actually a removable bluetooth speaker.

The Lexus UX concept will be revealed on September 29 at 8:30am ET/5:30am PT at the Paris Motor Show — you can watch the press conference live on the Lexus International Livestream page.