Lexus Sales in Australia Have Big Jump in 2015

Lexus Australia Sales

Lexus sales in Australia have grown 29% this year, with the brand on track to sell at least 8,500 vehicles as compared to 7,000 in 2014. Much of the sales jump is due to the new NX crossover, which is currently outselling the BMW X3, Mercedes GLA, and Range Rover Evoque.

This information comes from Car Advice, and it’s accompanied by a pretty funny interview with Lexus Australia CEO Sean Hanley about future sales projections:

Hanley also said 10,000 sales was not a responsible target for 2016.

“No – I’ll tell you why. If you go for the 10,000 next year you start to behave differently, you start to overstock dealers, you start to have big incentive programs on, so you’ve got to stay calm.

“You sound like my boss, he’s telling me ‘10,000!’, and I’m saying ‘Stop, stop, stop!’ Because what happens with luxury brands when you start pushing volume, you run the risk of your customer experience diminishing. It’s such a trap.

“When my boss says to me ‘Seano, new RX, surely you can do 9500-10,000’. Well, probably we could. But let’s just grow steadily and keep the experience intact.”