Is Satellite Internet Connectivity Coming to Lexus Vehicles?

Lexus Satellite Internet

Toyota is reportedly working on satellite broadband Internet connectivity for Lexus vehicles, and could be introduced in the near future — from Forbes:

At present, most cars connect to the Internet either through an occupant’s mobile device or an embedded SIM chip from a carrier such as Verizon or AT&T. But as pervasive as 4G LTE networks are becoming, connectivity can be slow at peak usage hours, and there are still parts of the country that are dead zones.

But satellite broadband could be the holy grail that fills all coverage gaps.

It’s all rumor at this point, but the Forbes analyst Roger Lanctot claims Toyota is working with Bill Gates-affiliated company Kymeta to equip vehicles with flat panel satellite broadband antennas. Forbes also suggests this technology may be introduced with the upcoming Lexus LC coupe expected at the Detroit Motor Show early next year.