F SPORT Models Make Big Impact on Lexus Sales in USA


Automotive News has published some impressive statistics on the success of the Lexus F SPORT models in the USA:

Through September, 71 percent of all RC coupe buyers this year opted for the F Sport package. About half of GS buyers and IS buyers checked the F Sport box.

And it’s not limited to performance-oriented cars either. Lexus sells 30 percent of its NX compact crossovers with the F Sport kit and 34 percent of its CT 200h hybrid hatchbacks with it.

All told, 77,495 Lexus models have rolled out of dealerships this year wearing the tiny F Sport badges.

Lexus has sold 247,445 vehicles through September, which means F SPORT makes up a staggering 31% of U.S. sales across the entire lineup — it’s also lowering the median age of buyers:

Take the full-size LS sedan. It’s not exactly a millennial’s dream ride, with the median buyer age sitting at around 65 years old. But the F Sport version accounts for a quarter of LS sales so far this year, and those buyers are on average 12 years younger, according to Lexus.