Lexus Named Most Reliable Automotive Brand in USA by Consumer Reports

Once again, Lexus has been named the top brand in the annual Consumer Reports Reliability Survey. All seven vehicle lines offered by Lexus received top reliability marks.

The results from the survey are based on data from more than 740,000 vehicles, and is considered one of the top reliability guides offered in North America.

(As a point of comparison, Audi was 3rd overall, BMW came in at 11th, and Mercedes scraped the bottom of the barrel with a 21st place finish.)

  • J
  • October 20, 2015
I always love seeing Lexus on top of these
  • C
  • October 20, 2015
Hooray again! MB 21st? Ouch.
  • T
    Tragic Bronson
  • October 20, 2015
Not surprising...Lexus has been reliable since they started...
Well duur? Lexus trumps them brands, just this morning I saw a BMW 3 series by the R21 freeway with fumes and open bonnet, before that was another 5 Series wagon that caught fire on the N14! Not singling out BMW though
  • L
    Lexus Jack
  • October 21, 2015
The big surprise is Audi at #3 ?!?!? They do not have a good track record by JD Power and Associates.
  • J
    Joaquin Ruhi
  • October 22, 2015
One minor commentary and quibble: Krew's article states that "All seven vehicle lines offered by Lexus received top reliability marks". Lexus, in fact, currently offers 10 distinct vehicle lines in North America. Why the discrepancy? Three of those model lines did not garner enough replies from Consumer Reports subscribers (a minimum of 100 per model) to figure in their survey. LX and RC are most likely to be excluded from the CR Lexus results. It is open to debate whether the third exclusion is NX (again, due to possible low response rates) or RX (the new 4th-gen will launch roughly at the same time as Consumer Reports' annual New Car issue hits the newsstands in mid-November). This and other commentary on the 2015 Consumer Reports Auto Reliability survey (including Lexus' rivals, the top 5 brands and Tesla's fall from grace) appear in this Kaizen Factor article I wrote: