No Plans for Lexus Compact Crossover Smaller than NX?

Lexus NX Sub Crossover

According to a Motor Report interview with Lexus Australia chief executive Sean Hanley, a crossover smaller than the NX is not a priority for the brand:

“At the moment we have no plans of anything sub-NX,” he said. “There are no confirmed plans for a sub-NX car for Lexus.”

“I think there’s a market there, no doubt,” he said. “However it’s not a priority. I’m quite happy as our entry models being the CT, IS and the NX, I’m quite comfortable with those at this point.”

This question is sparked by news that Toyota will soon be releasing a production crossover based on their C-HR concept, which would give Lexus the opportunity to build a vehicle off the same platform. Really though, “no confirmed plans” doesn’t mean much — no Lexus executive would reveal future plans in casual conversation.

(My personal hope is that a sub-NX crossover is coming, particularly when the NX & RX show a design direction that would be well suited to a smaller vehicle.)