Submit Your Customer Service Stories for New Lexus International Project

Time for a big announcement — Lexus Enthusiast is working with Lexus International on a new project to highlight exceptional customer service experiences, and we want to hear your stories!

The story can come from any angle — are you a Lexus owner that’s been amazed by your dealership’s service? Do you work as a dealership service technician and always go the extra step? Are you part of a Lexus family, with multiple models passed from generation to generation? Please share the details.

To submit your story, please contact me at or leave a comment here on the site. There’s no need for a fully written article, just the basic details about your experience.

If selected, your story will help shape the future of Lexus customer service, PLUS you’ll also receive a copy of the Art of Lexus book celebrating the brand’s 25th Anniversary.

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  • August 26, 2015
I currently own 2011 lexus ct200h and it currently has 70,000 miles. I've always gotten my free state inspection at the dealership. Last July I went in for my inspection and after waiting, the service guy tells me, that I failed the inspection, due to the small tear on my front wiper blade. It was only 1mm. GG~ I started laughing as if this was a prank. This guy then starts randomly telling me of all these things that can fail inspection like tinted windows, lowering your car, tinted tail lights, aftermarket lights and etc. This guy is so ridiculous, and he comes back with the bill if I were suppose to fix the blades, it would cost almost $200. REALLY?? $200 to replace my wiper blades? it cost like $20 at my local autozone for a pair. I then ask him, if I can come back with the new wipers installed myself and if the inspection would be still be courtesy free and he tells me no, only one time use. The reason I go to the dealership to get state inspection because lexus has offering it for free since I purchased my car and I also get a free hand car wash so next time you guys go in for inspection check your wiper blades! make sure there's no tear
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  • August 26, 2015
My story is two fold - It is about my salesman/delivery specialist and two technicians. I have had numerous models and currently have 3 Lexus in the household. My salesman/delivery specialist contacts me once a month to make sure everything is good with the vehicles and if I have any questions or concerns. The two technicians that perform work on my vehicles will personally come out to discuss any questions I may have regarding service and/or repair. They never hesitate to take a test ride to listen to a noise or to recommend a service that fits my needs. It is pleasure to have such a network at the dealership demonstrating what the true definition of high quality support is.
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  • August 26, 2015
mr krew hello...i have a idea for your site and lexus international site...please craete a card for all lexus fans that love lexus and active in the world for introduse lexus name to the other peaople and give them all informatione... for examlpe(mercedes benz club has created card for all people that love mercedes)...we are a lexus fans and we llove toooooo much lexus brand...pleas created this card and send to every member for this site...we need it. thank you mr krew
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    Lexus Cohen
  • August 27, 2015
I have so many experiences to share, but I'll share the bad that turned out great! I usually service my car at Lexus of Pembroke Pines, Fl. I remember pulling up to the service area, I spoke with a service greeter then waited to be called in by the adviser. I sat in the service area for almost an hour without getting assistance. Someone finally came to me and asked if I'm getting through, I told them no and I've been sitting here almost an hour to be called in. I finally spoke to a service adviser and made a complaint at that point, and also stated I would NEVER visit the Pembroke Pines dealership again. A few days later I got a call from the dealership, and it was the service manager. She asked how was my visit to dealership and I told her it was horrible, at that point she offered to have my car picked up from work or wherever I am located if I ever need servicing done and it will be at no cost. So, it actually turned out great for me!
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  • August 27, 2015
That's a great idea! Unfortunately I have only bad experience at my sales process to buy a new Lexus GS 300H. My wish is, to see only good stories