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Modellista Creates 2016 Lexus LX Body Kit for Japanese Market

Lexus LX 570 Body Kit Modellista

Official Lexus tuner Modellista will release a body kit for the 2016 LX 570 to mark the model’s arrival in Japan — here’s the kit from the rear:

Lexus LX 570 Modellista

There are two options for the rear — the skirt just by itself, or with a new sports muffler setup:

Pricing starts at ¥183,600 ($1,485 USD) for the front and rear spoilers, with the sports muffler bringing the price up to ¥302,400 ($2,447 USD). The 21-inch aluminum wheels with Dunlop GRANDTREK PT3A tires retail for ¥594,000 ($4,808 USD).

  • L
    Lexus Cohen
  • August 20, 2015
A cruise ship with a body kit, nice!
This is how the stock should look like to begin with.
  • C
  • August 20, 2015
The spoiler kit is rather subtle though I still find it's not well-suited for a classic body-on-frame SUV like the LX.
  • B
  • August 20, 2015
Those are 21's? they look so tiny compared to the stock 20's. But overall this looks good, not too flashy.