Jalopnik Article: Here’s Why My Dad Will Never Buy Anything But a Lexus Ever Again

Doug DeMuro over at Jalopnik has a great story about his father and a recent experience at the local Lexus dealership:

When he got back to the dealer, they gave him a loaner car and told him they’d call him with an update. And a few hours later, they called: the issue was traced to a failed oxygen sensor, and the total cost would be more than $400.

Understandably, my dad was a bit suspicious. The very first time the check engine light comes on in seven years just happens to be on the way home from the dealer after an oil change?

On Monday, the dealer called and told him the problem was indeed the oxygen sensor, and it would indeed be more than $400 to fix. But he wouldn’t be paying for it.

Love stories like this, because it reminds me so much of my own experience — I’ll never forget my early visits to the local Lexus dealership and the patience they had for a young fan, it made a huge impact on my loyalty to the brand.