Lexus Leads U.S. Luxury Vehicle Registrations in 2015

Lexus leads this year’s U.S. luxury automotive market in new vehicle registrations despite being third in sales behind Mercedes and BMW — from Bloomberg:

Those registration numbers show 106,549 for Lexus, 103,581 for the BMW brand and 103,393 for Mercedes, according to IHS Automotive, which collects the data from state records.

Sales reported by the automakers for the four-month period showed Daimler AG’s Mercedes with 107,344, BMW AG’s namesake brand with 105,444 and Lexus, with its new NX compact crossover, with 103,056.

The difference between registrations and sales is caused by vehicles being reported as sold when delivered to dealerships instead of only to consumers. Lexus is the only brand out of the three that had more registered vehicles than sales.

Source: Bloomberg

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  • June 16, 2015
Not sure I understand the difference between being sold to the dealership (registrations) versus consumers (sales). Are the ones sold to dealerships include loaner vehicles perhaps?