Inside the Lexus ED2 Design Studio in France

Lexus LF-SA ED2 Design Studio

BEYOND Magazine has a revealing profile of the Lexus ED2 design studio in France:

ED2 – European Design Development – is the 6,000-square-meter purpose-built home of Lexus’s European design team. Over the building’s three levels, a team of 40 employees, including 22 designers and 10 modelers, is dedicated to developing proposals for car exterior and interior design for Lexus’s design headquarters in Japan.

[General manager Lance] Scott’s team has developed advanced models of the Lexus’s NX, SC, CT, IS and GS cars. The team has also presented competition proposals for the NX and the CT, and the exteriors of the SC and the previous generation GS, which were both selected for production. Its proposal for the IS strongly influenced final production.

The ED2 studio created the LF-SA small car concept shown in Geneva earlier this year, and are one of the few places in the world responsible for future of Lexus vehicle design — really enjoyed learning about their processes and environment.

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