New Sponsor: Beat-Sonic USA

New Sponsor Beat-Sonic USA

I would like introduce a new sponsor to the site — please welcome Beat-Sonic USA, who will be joining our forum as an official vendor!

Founded in the Aichi Prefecture of Japan in 1991, Beat-Sonic is an innovation and design leader, providing consumers with high quality products that incorporate technology and the car-audio/video entertainment system.

Beat-Sonic products are designed and engineered in Japan by industry leading engineers using the latest technology, and they have invested substantially in design and engineering to ensure quality products reach their customer’s hands.

Beat-Sonic offers the most seamless plug and play radio replacement kits for many Lexus models, as well as Video and Navigation modules to access grayed-out features while the vehicle is in motion.

You can contact Beat-Sonic by visiting their website or calling them at (714) 994-1085. I also recommend following them on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.