Lexus Europe Sales Up 37% in First Quarter of 2015

Lexus Europe NX Sales

Lexus Europe has reported its best-ever first quarter sales with 15,753 total units sold between January and March. This is a 37-percent increase over last year, and one look at the numbers will show why.

First Quarter 2015 Sales Hybrid Percentage
CT 2,539 100%
IS 2,436 85.7%
ES 461 6.7%
GS 624 78.7%
LS 83 49.4%
RX 1,921 64.3%
NX 6,468 64.0%
Other Models 1,235 N/A
Total Sales 15,753 67%

The impact of the NX on European sales can not be overstated — the 6,468 sales represent 41% of all Lexus sales in the region. The success of the new model is sure to push Lexus past its goal of 60,000 units this year.

Source: Lexus Europe