Uncertain Future for the Lexus GX & LX Models

Lexus GX Cancelled

In an interview with Autoblog, Lexus International executive vice president discusses the future of the GX & LX models:

… [Templin] said: “We do very well with those products in the United States – GX has been a great product for us in the US for the last couple of years since its initial introduction. But the future of those vehicles longer term is in doubt because of regulations that are being driven by governments all over the world.”

Don’t start stockpiling LX 570s in anticipation of shortages just yet. Templin didn’t give any specifics; he just notes that tightening fuel economy and emissions regulations could affect product planning.

As the only full-line luxury automotive manufacturer in the world with two body-on-frame SUVS, it’s no surprise Lexus is looking to trim at least one of the models from the lineup.

Some other facts to consider — there are reports of a LX update this year, and Lexus clearly needs the much-rumored seven-seat three-row crossover. Take these factors into account, and it’s possible the GX will be cancelled at the end of the current model’s lifecycle.

What do you think — is there room in the lineup for LX, GX, and another large crossover?

(Thanks Gecko!)