Videos: The Lexus RC F GT3 Race Car on Fuji Speedway

Lexus RC F GT3 Video

Lexus Japan has released two expertly filmed videos of the RC F GT3 race car:

The RC F as a consumer car is a necessary vehicle in the Lexus lineup, but it’s arguably more important as a racing platform — nothing will bring more performance credibility to the brand than winning on the track.


  1. my entire body just tingled that Raw V8 sound is just amazing when in motion.
  2. Can't wait for Gazoo Racing to enter WEC Eudurance series, and of course Leman 2015??
  3. i hate it when they add music to the videos and you can't hear the engine...
  4. Asian they put this engine on the GS F
  5. MD

    That is why Lexus used a N/A V8. So that it could be further tuned for racing. BMW M4/M3 TT i6 is completely useless when it comes to racing. So far, BMW is still using the old E92 M3 variant of V8 in its Z4 racing cars.