Lexus Europe Sales Up 23% in 2014

Lexus NX Europe Total Sales

Lexus Europe has released its sales data for 2014, and it was an excellent year for the brand — here’s a model-by-model breakdown for all Western, Central and Eastern European countries, including Turkey and Russia:

2013 Sales Hybrid Percentage
CT 10,340 100%
IS 11,521 79.4%
ES 3,038 3.9%
GS 3,880 54.7%
LS 480 46.3%
RX 11,818 42.7%
NX 5,724 98.7%
Other Models 6,429 N/A
Total Sales 53,230 60.8%

Lexus sales increased by 23% to 53,230 units in 2014, nearly 10,000 units more than the year previous. This puts the brand as one of the fastest growing premium brands in Europe.

In its first three months on sale, the NX has excelled — over 5,700 sales were delivered, and there remains approximately 10,000 advance customer orders. In the press release, Lexus estimates the NX will make up one-third of all sales in 2015.

Lexus Europe sales achieved an all-time sales record in 6 markets: France, Norway, Poland, Russia, Israel and Caucasus.

[Source: Lexus Europe]