No Next-Generation Lexus RX at the Detroit Auto Show After All?

Lexus GS F Reveal

After spending the day at the Detroit Auto Show, I can say with some confidence that the next-generation Lexus RX will not debut tomorrow.

Speculation started last year with the rumor that two models would debut in Detroit — Edmunds then followed this up with a definitive statement that the RX would be revealed alongside the GS F.

Lexus executives today refused to speculate about tomorrow’s plans, but a surprise reveal of the brand’s most popular vehicle makes little sense. There’s simply no way Lexus could resist teasing a model of the RX’s importance.

There’s also the question of physical space — the Lexus press conference is in the display this year rather than the Riverview Ballroom, and there’s just not enough room for two significant reveals:

Lexus Display 2015

It’s still unclear what else will be part of the Lexus press conference, but it’s probably time to start tempering expectations — I believe the GS F will be the main focus tomorrow.

(Of course, I could be totally wrong. We’ll know for sure tomorrow morning at 8:40am EST, you can follow my live coverage from Detroit.)