Interview with Lexus GS F Chief Engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi

Lexus GS F Yaguchi Interview

In advance of the Lexus GS F’s debut at the Detroit Auto Show this week, Automobile Magazine has an interview with chief engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi answering one of the bigger questions about the new super-sedan:

Automobile: Was there any thought given to increasing power given that the Lexus GS F is bigger and heavier than the RC F, or are you confident it will perform with sedans in the similar class?

Yaguchi-san: The cars’ performance is almost the same so I want customers to choose which they like: sedan or coupe between RC F and GS F, as that is a matter of taste. The GS F will offer a Lexus F brand performance experience with a focus on fun and an easy-to-drive experience, while balancing its street and track character.

There’s definitely been some concern in the enthusiast community about the GS F using the very same 467-horsepower V8 engine from the RC F, especially when the competition is the 560-hp BMW M5 and 577-hp Mercedes E63.

On the flip side, the full picture has yet to be revealed — little is known about the GS F besides its engine. Pricing will have a significant impact on perception, and there’s more to performance than horsepower (though a 100+ horsepower gap against its competitors makes for a significant handicap.)

There’s some other small details in the Yaguchi-san interview worth pointing out:

A: The F performance brand is now been expanded to two main line models. How much further would you like to expand it?

Y: We don’t have future plans yet that we can share, but the F brand is a key part of Lexus globally going forward.

A: Is there a desire or need to create another halo type vehicle along the lines of the Lexus LFA as an ultimate expression of the F performance brand?

Y: The Lexus RC F-based race car will take that responsibility instead. The RC F GT3 story will evolve in the coming year to help become an ultimate expression of F brand globally.

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