More Lexus GS F Photos from Road & Track

Lexus GS F Road & Track

Road & Track had a sneak peek at the new Lexus GS F sedan:

Say what you will about the gaping maw of the Lexus F cars. This GS has presence. The giant biting hourglass was first thing I saw when I walked into the studio, and the last thing I saw when I walked out. You don’t want to turn your back on it, and that’s the idea.  

The Lexus guys tell us the front and rear fenders and the carbon spoiler of the GS F are unique to the car, and designed for air management, and that an underbody tray was deemed unnecessary for their performance targets. Basically, A-pillar forward, the GS F is a new car. Meaner. Better. 

Accompanying the article are the very first real-life photos of the new high-performance sedan, and it looks pretty impressive:

(Even though the GS F is more aggressive looking than the GS, it doesn’t really go overboard — makes me wonder what the standard GS update is going to look like.)

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