The Lexus NX: Focus on the Details

Lexus NX Details

Some interesting details on the Lexus NX development have been shared by Australian website GoAuto:

Items such as body shake induced by windscreen wiper movement and changes in vehicle geometry due to differences in tyre tread were studied and addressed for the utmost refinement under a system dubbed microscopic force control.

The engineers said almost imperceptible forces could impact on vehicle stability and composure, with each needing to be addressed under Lexus’ own high standards.

They spent six months painstakingly adjusting the engine mounts to suppress engine start up vibration, reducing the shaking to just one-tenth of what its parent company Toyota will accept on its cars.

Six months adjusting the engine mounts — this level of detail would seem crazy if the final product didn’t reflect the time spent.

As I said in my first review of the Lexus NX:

Well, for as loud as the exterior design may be, inside the NX is an example of the best Lexus has to offer — thoughtful, solid, subtle, and functional. It’s not just about the engines, or the headlights, or the wheel wells, it’s about the experience of driving.

[Source: GoAuto]