Remembering the First Generation Lexus LS 400

Lexus LS 400 JNC

Ben Hsu over at Japanese Nostalgic Car has a thoughtful article on the origins of the first-generation Lexus LS 400:

Toyota USA was established on October 31, 1957. Thirty-two years later, in October of 1989, it would change the face of the automotive world once again. The Lexus LS 400 is officially a Japanese nostalgic car. 

This level of fanaticism honed the car at every stage. While most models go though five or six full-size clay models, the LS’s chief engineer Ichiro Suzuki commanded 14. Over 100 were crash tested. A whopping 450 test mules were built, and 2.7 million test miles were driven before the first LS even rolled off the assembly line.

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