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Lexus RC F: First GenerationReviews

Top Gear Magazine Reviews the Lexus RC F

Lexus RC F Top Gear

Pat Devereux from Top Gear Magazine has reviewed the Lexus RC F:

Driver friendly? Yep, pretty much. It might use some fearfully complicated electronic systems to make up for some of its chassis shortcomings, but they work perfectly on the road and almost perfectly on the track. That’s not a bad balance.

The RC F also has enough soul to be interesting. It won’t blow an M4 into the weeds and will probably be ultimately outrun by a couple of the other hot coupes, but it’ll beat them all at one thing – being the best midsize Japanese coupe you can buy now.

Along with the review (just a heads up, you have to hit the photo arrows to read the full review), there’s a spectacular photo gallery — here’s a sampling of images:

This is a very strong review from a well-respected publication — it’s nice to see a European review that doesn’t focus exclusively on the coupe’s weight.

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    Lexus Cohen
  • October 20, 2014
I will finally get to meet the latest and greatest this Sunday, the one and only Radical Coupe! Can't wait!