Photo Gallery: Up Close with the Lexus NX

Lexus Europe NX Gallery

Lexus Europe released a rather artistic set of NX photos on their Facebook page:

Included in the photos is the best shot yet of the NX panoramic roof:

Lexus NX Panoramic Roof

Disappointing that this option won’t be coming to North America, it looks great on the NX.

[Source: Lexus Europe Facebook]


  1. Very nice photos but I see something quite odd: There doesn't seem to be a back button on the RTI controller Possibly an earlier version of the NX? I know the back button didn't show up in the RC until the F-sport version so that's why I believe this may be an earlier version... Just an observation
  2. red

    Back button is exclusive to NA, Europeans would get what is shown;)
    • Glad that you pointed out. Good observation. I wasnt aware of it despite looking at various pictures of NX for quite some time. It addition to European models, the NX that will be sold in Japan also is also without the "Back" button. Instead, with cursors.
  3. Europe knows.
  4. So we get a back button and the europeans get a panoramic roof? W. T. F. Seriously. Who makes these decisions?
    • RAL

      And why is the front facia of the US version of the 300h a different shape? One reviewer likened the side profile to "a catfish with an overbite!" As can be seen in these pictures . . . the European 300h retains the shape of the F-sport front facia, just without the mesh grille. What's the reasoning behind these differences? No panoramic roof . . . slighted front facia . . . WHY???
  5. That panoramic glass roof is sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. back button is on the wrong side, can't believe Lexus is making the same stupid mistake Samsung is doing with their garbage phones!
  7. BTW in the UK we do get a back button. What we dont get is a panoramic roof, ML, 360 degree camera or Heads up display on F Sport models! They aren't even options so consider yourself lucky if you live in the States!!
    • Actually, word is we don't get the HUD in the US either… and I'm kind of skeptical about the 360 camera since they seem to be stripping everything I thought was cool from the NX for the US… I don't get it.
    • Yes, it looks like the US model is getting stripped of the things I was interested in too. No roof, 360 cameras, HUD, F-Sport hybrid, etc. Whatever...I'll pass on the NX for now.