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Lexus NX: First GenerationPhoto Galleries

Massive Photo Gallery of the Lexus NX & NX F SPORT

Lexus NX F SPORT Photo Gallery

Before the first reviews of the Lexus NX compact crossover start showing up on the Internet tomorrow, here are a new set of official photos presented without comment.

(Big shoutout to David Dewhurst Photography for an amazing job with these images!)

NX 200t Exterior

NX 200t Interior

NX 300h Exterior

NX 300h Interior

NX F SPORT Exterior

NX F SPORT Interior

NX Luxury Package

  • J
  • July 6, 2014
Very nice pics, indeed! My thoughts: I am so glad that we get the more 'edged nose' on the non F SPORT versions here in Europe, instead of the amphibean like U.S. nose...
  • D
  • July 7, 2014
There are two kinds of DRL's. Has anybody noticed that before? The Lights on the F-sport Model with the L-shaped headlights Looks like they have lighted the "full arrow shape" while the non f-sport nx-200t only have a stripe with bigger LED's. It Looks like that there isn't the turn signal integrated above, it's integrated in the "arrow-head".
    • P
      Paul Williamsen
    • July 7, 2014
    Dani, The different DRL designs seen on these NXs may have less to do with F Sport, and more to do with whether an NX has the std LED headlamps (LED low beams & HID high beams) or the premium full-LED headlights.
    • J
    • July 7, 2014
    Here in Europe, only the base model receives the "Stripe with bigger LED's". Mid grades, F SPORT and luxury grades receive the full arrow shape, including the LED turn indicators. Headlights are LED + halogen high beam or full LED (3 diamond shapes) depending on the grades.