Photo Gallery: Lexus RC F in Liquid Platinum

Lexus RC F in Liquid Platinum

A Lexus RC F in Liquid Platinum was on display at the Nürburgring this weekend — Lexus Europe posted some photos on their Facebook page:

This is the first time we’ve seen the full carbon fiber RC F in a color other than Ultra White — looks good!

[Source: Lexus Europe]


  1. That mag wheel is better than the standard one imo..
  2. Nah

    So f-ugly. I really, really hate the design direction Lexus is heading in, and the different colored hood just makes it look ghetto on top of ugly.
    • Okay, bye then... The new design is a good move because the Spindle Grille is not boring like Audi's gaping hole, not simple unlike Mercedes's single-two bar grille or there other grille that honestly bores me to look at, and shows variety unlike BMW's split grille that has been the same for years and years. Lexus cars also look so much better in person. Pictures do not show the curves and lines of the beautiful design.
    • I agree full with Nah, Lexus did have to spice it up a bit, but they have really gone way over the top with this, the NX and IS F SPORT are well far enough, the RCF is just a mess, an abomination. It will go down as one of the ugliest cars in history.
    • Okay, no, I see what you're saying. The RC has too big of a spindle grille. I still think the spindle grille was a good step but I agree that they went overboard with the RC base's grille.
    • Not just the grille, the whole design is a mismatch, the LFCC was a nice classic coupe design, then they smashed it with the ugly stick to create the RC. The 4 Series and C Class coupe are elegant designs, so was the CLK, but the RC is just a messy design. For example all the square pieces like the headlights dont match with the round tail pipes, and there are more examples of mismatches throughout, its like two teams designed the front and rear separately, I dont have an issue with Lexus design generally, i think the previous IS and LS were good designs, they just needed modernizing.
    • Mercedes has one of the worst designs in the world, mismatched designs front rear and sides is mercedes forte..., cohesive design is not just sorely lacking in every single mercedes model its completely non-existent... and Bimmers are just bland and blase, every model looks exactly the same and they are only distinguishable by their dimensions
    • Everyone has a different taste. But the RC F is too overstyled, I prefer the F-Sport package. And perhaps you call Mercedes ugly, but for me, Mercedes and Jaguar are the only premium brands that still design very elegant cars. I mean, compare the new C-Class with the IS. I also don't like the way Lexus goes in design. The GS, RX and LS are the only models I love in design. I miss the sleek and elegant Lexus models...
  3. Absolutely my favorite the Brilliant Silver shades on all LEXUS models.....
  4. Bold design, very Impressed!
  5. Im digging the liquid plat. with the carbon roof and wing, but the carbon hood has just got to go... Otherwise, its perfection
  6. The struggle with factory stance and good looking stocks wheels is still going on i see. Coil overs and deep dish is gonna make this car