Photo Gallery: Lexus RC F SPORT in Atomic Silver

Lexus RC F SPORT in Atomic Silver

A Lexus RC F SPORT in Atomic Silver is in Colorado this week as part of a Lexus dealership meeting — Lexus of Lehigh Valley shared the photo above on their Facebook page, and here’s a full gallery from Lexus of Austin:

The RC F SPORT exterior design hits all the right notes for me — there’s something about the way it balances between the standard RC & the wild RC F that’s really appealing.

(Atomic Silver has been a great addition to the Lexus color palette — it looks good on every model.)

Source: Lexus of Lehigh Valley & Lexus of Austin]


  1. I'm feeling more than a little light-headed! That is hot!
  2. I was having a bad day until I saw this, it is F**king hott!! I hate Obsidian, but I really can't wait to see that! NX Fsport spotted in the back.
  3. RAL

    Beautiful color!!! . . . tacky tiny fogs lights are gone too!
  4. MD

    What's up with the 4 x 4 wheel gap? Looks like it is on stilts. I am hoping those are the transportation stoppers inserted, which raise the height for transportation
  5. Love the way the silver highlights all the creases and curves in the sheet metal. It looks a lot more eye catching and interesting than a 4-series or A5 do. So glad the strange fog lamps are gone though. Good job Lexus!
  6. This car is so attractive! I want one so bad. I really love this color too! If I were to get this I may have to consider silver (I originally wasnt going to ever get silver because my entire family own silver cars and I am tired of it; I want change). The lines are definitely seen better in this color.
  7. Love the Color but what is with the L-Shaped headlights?? In all the Last pictures they were Not to See.. I Hope it will be available!!! Can anybody Tell me more about that??
  8. I love this car! Hey madoda!!
  9. I concur with Krew feel that the F-sport is much balanced exterior stance compare to the base RC350 and the high end RC-F.
  10. This car is crying out for better looking wheels and a drop. The body looks good nice and curvy with edges. Drop and some wheels and this thing will break necks all day What im not feeling is how the sun roof doesnt retract into the roof of the car and those gills looking things in the rear bumper on both corner im not feeling either. This is definitely more eye catching then the m4 c coupe and Audi coupe. Next up is the next infiniti g coupe or w.e infiniti wants to change the name to lol
    • Yes the moonroof is different for Lexus. I am not sure but maybe they decided to make it one giant airfoil. :-)
  11. Thanks for the shoutout!
    • Thanks for sharing all the RC350 F Sport Package photos... :) I think Lexus has to fix the terminology issues with labeling these RC cars. The true RC F V8 will have a Sport trim and Carbon trim.. Then we have these 350's being called RC F Sport.. Too many Sports in the mix. Just my .02 cents..
  12. wtf? they going to use the L-shaped head lights on NX and not on the RC. Lexus stop holding back, whip it out like you dont care.
  13. Got to drive this baby.
  14. It's a looker.
  15. Can't wait to see this beaut in the flesh here in South Africa