Mint Green Lexus LFA Spotted in Germany

Lexus LFA Mint Green

It’s the day of green LFAs — first was the Fresh Green LFA up for sale in Ohio, and now the world’s only Mint Green LFA has shown up in Germany — here are some photos from photographer Italian Car King:

There’s also this video from the Cars & Coffee in Hamburg:

(This has to be the most subtle color I’ve ever seen on a car — can barely see the green at all, just looks white to me.)

See more photos of the Mint Green Lexus LFA


  1. I like this one more than the vibrant green.
  2. mint green? looks withest white to me
  3. Man, the sound and smoothness of the LFA V10 engine will never get old.
  4. Minty ice cream soda... Yum yum yum yum yummy!
  5. My kind of colour unique.