Fresh Green Lexus LFA For Sale (Again)

Lexus LFA Fresh Green

The Lexus LFA #250 in Fresh Green is now available on the duPont Registry — here are some photos of the vibrant supercar:

This is the second time LFA #250 has been up for sale — it was originally sold by Lexus of Orlando last year to a car collector in Ohio. The asking price is $399,900 USD, with 745 miles on the odometer.

See the Lexus LFA duPont Registry Listing


  1. Love it but I'm scared of that white interior.
  2. this fresh green is yuk it didn't grow up to my eyes and also all white Mohita LFA
  3. ehh i like it
  4. I wonder if they'll depreciate once the LFA II is out, eventhough LFA II is a completely different car on the performance and price level.
    • MD

      No don't think so. LFAs have been holding their value exceptionally well. Used LFAs still sell around the original MSRP and sometimes even more.
  5. A desirable product, brand and quality.
  6. Love the car, bad choice of color.
  7. This car just showed up in Indy at a Cars and Coffee. Car has some sort of connection to Graham or Bobby Rahal apparently.