Interview with Lexus NX Chief Engineer Takeaki Kato

Lexus Chief Engineer Takeaki Kato

Lexus NX chief engineer Takeaki Kato answered fan questions during the Beijing Auto Show — here are some of the highlights from the interview:

Q: How will you differentiate NX from RX?

Both vehicles have the same innovation and finesse of Lexus. One customer could choose the RX for its elegant, stately, sophisticated shape, just as another customer might want the NX for its edgy, dynamic personality.

Customers might have a difficult time choosing between the two, but at Lexus we want to provide as many options as possible.

Lexus Sonic Quartz

Q: Which colour do you think suits NX best?

I think all the colors are great, but my personal favorite is Sonic Quartz, which is a new and unique white color that we spent a lot of time developing.

Although it is pure white, the finish has a crisp metallic quality that brings out the shadows and angles of the sides and compliments the design of the NX overall. Also, the contrast between the white body and black wheels looks really great.

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