Lexus GS F Prototype Gets Stuck in Traffic

Lexus GS F Prototype

The Lexus GS F prototype has resurfaced after being spotted last year at the Nürburgring — here are some photos of the car sitting in traffic, courtesy of Blend Cars:

Lexus GS F Prototype Front

Lexus GS F Prototype Side

Lexus GS F Prototype Rear

Judging from the plates, The GS prototype is still in Germany. There doesn’t look to be any further exterior modifications since the last time it was spotted — can’t say if that’s a good thing or not, but it’s a positive sign to see the prototype out on the road again.

[Source: Blend Cars] (Thanks Hakop!)


  1. Nooooooooooooooooooo! That bumper pillar is still running across the front fascia =(.... #takeitout
  2. I don't think that's the F, Where are the fender flares and the hood buldge? I could be wrong though.
  3. One thing is for certain, it will be a new front fascia. They are doing a smart job by using the current one and just cutting holes where the new vents will me.
  4. This is not a final shape , may be it for test purposes The final shape probably like this
  5. @LexusCohen:disqus It's a prototype. No hood bulge needed, as the GS was made to accomodate a V-8. Fender flares and new fascia will come on a closer to production prototype. I believe many characteristics of the current GS will be changed/evolved with the 2016 refresh and land on the GS-F.
    • I know it's going to be an amazing car! Every time I see the new GS I regret not keeping mine, but with the F in the pipeline I'm definitely going back to her!
    • bulge hood and quad exhaust is what let us know it the "F". they bulged the hood of the RCF on purpose and i love it.
    • They bulged the bonnet on the RC-F to accommodate a larger engine.
    • RCF was designed alongside the nomal RC. they could have designed it for the bonnet not to bulge. That statement was true for the ISF because the v8 in the IS was the afterthought so they bulge the bonnet. RCF is designed from scratch to fit the v8 and they decided to bulge the bonnet again because it soo cool. chances are GSF and ISF might come with a bulge aswell it makes the car different
  6. I wouldn't trip over what it looks like today. It's a mule. When did a mule ever look like it the production version? BD
  7. The question is what engine? Same as RC-F? M5, E AMG and RS6 all have about 570 PS.
    • i think they will go with the RC-F GT3 engine with 540hp
    • No way. It is a race engine that is tuned to deliver horsepower high in the rpms. For a big heavy saloon car, ofcourse just like the Lexus LFA V10, it is not suitable for such a heavy car. It will be a twin turbo V8 similar to the one that was used as a test in the LS460.
    • PG

      I just hope that the earlier rumors of a retuned 5.0L V8 with about 465hp don't turn out to be true. That's way underpowered in this competitive segment. Lexus should either take it seriously or leave it outright. Otherwise, this will only damage the F brand.
    • No way at all IMO! I drive a '13 GS350 fully loaded with VGRS and DRS and flicking to sport + makes me feel like driving an entirely different (sports) car. It's chassis balance, grip and overall performance is unlike any sedan I've driven before (although I will admit its a bit underpowered). Here's the thing that I noticed- Toyota/Lexus focuses more on handling and grip than just raw power like say, an american muscle car. Same story when I drove my friend's Toyota GT86. Also I noticed about my GS is that they seriously underrate the horsepower figure at 305. Feels to me at least 360hp+.
    • Yeah the 2GR-FSE 3.5L V6 is an impressive power plant.. 306HP is way underrated.
    • do you know that lotus Exige S uses this engine superchanged, and it distroys anything on its way?
    • V6

      The 3.5L V6 in the Lotus models are the non direct-injected engine. The 2GR-FSE is even more impressive if they supercharge it. :D
    • Twin turbo V8. The one that was used in testing in Germany.
  8. Been waiting for this car. Currently has 2013 GS 350 under performed. I'm sure they will put in the new spindle grill at front and the back exhaust pipes should look like the RC-F. Hopefully, they stick with V-8 so it's still affordable (not V-10)
  9. This has nothing to do With Lexus official. It's not a GS-f, it's not a "mule" and it's not associated With Lexus in any way.
    • PG

      Any evidence that leads you to believe so?
    • I have eyes and I'm not an american.
    • Lex

      thats not an explonation, clearly that "F"esque more then a "F Sport" tuned, if yuo have beter knowledge then please do share we are all here just car, ever beter lexusenhusiasts as the sitename say alredy, seeking info on loved subject
  10. I've been waiting for this since the moment I bought my '13 GS350. Don't tempt me anymore Lexus..
  11. The GS in those photos looks superb. I'd imagine the GSF would be literally wicked looking!
  12. These pictures are taken in Stuttgart! Man I wish I would see this car around one day would be cool!
  13. This IS OLD PICS from 2013!!! I saw it already in spring of last year. Warning not to trust third party sources!
  14. This GS is a test mule. There is no way that the final product GS F would look like this (100% sure) Why is It taking Lexus a long time to make it official? it is very simple. They have 2 pathways to go with the GS F project. 1. Either produce a GS F with the carry over 5.0 V8 but a little bit more tweeked than the one in the RC F. If they go with this option the car wouldnt be a match to the M5 and the E63 AMG. But they would have to sell it at a much lower price than the competition. 2. Turbocharge or use an entirely new engine (which is highly doubtful since they have already spent a lot of money on research and upgrading the lineup). In this case the car will be a match for the competitors but will be more expensive than the BMW for sure. Even if they decide to go for this option it means that they need more time for development. judging by what is known to us now. I say they will go with the first option. I really hope that is not the case.