Lexus NX Key Features: A Video Tour

Lexus NX Key Features

Here’s a video overview of the key features found in the Lexus NX:

The level of detail on the NX is impressive — the compact crossover makes a strong statement at the new Lexus design movement, but even more important is the focus on functionality. This is a vehicle that will fit very comfortably into the lives of a large segment of the population.

(The Lexus USA & Lexus Canada press releases fail to mention the panoramic view monitor, leading me to believe the system will not be available in North America.)


  1. To be honest!! the NEW NX is NO MISTAKE! :D
  2. Look more appealing for the masses than a Macan. The Macan is of course much faster and sportier, but at a higher price. There is no reason for taking a Q5, X3 or GLK instead of this.
  3. now this is a luxury car
  4. they did mention at NYIAS how the rear hatch will be programmable for 3 different levels for opening...something people have asked for years on the RX!
  5. The NX, RX and LX are all amazing, Lexus should go back to the drawing board with the GX.