First Live Photos of the Lexus NX F SPORT

Lexus NX Autoguide Hero

Autoguide has posted the first live photos of the new Lexus NX F SPORT — here’s a selection of exterior shots:

Lexus NX Exterior

There’s also an extensive interior gallery — here’s a small taste:

Lexus NX Interior

Definitely head over to the Autoguide website and look through the photos — I’ve been going through the galleries for the last 20 minutes and still haven’t seen them all.

See the Lexus NX F SPORT photo galleries from Autoguide


  1. Better looking than X3, and Q5 that's for sure.
  2. RAL

    Like the 'surround' of the perimeter inside the spindle on the LF-NX better.
  3. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! Love the aggressive and unique design boy inside and out. A lot of great ideas and it really has a stance. I can't wait to see it on the road and in other colors. The only CUV that could probably hold a candle to this is the GLA. The BMW and Audi look like dull erasers compared to this... Can't wait to hear the haters disagree on Motor Trend when they finally post it
  4. Holy sh*t.....Lexus nailed the design and that interior is top notch. Any output numbers for the 2.0 turbo?
  5. Wow! This thing is so awesome. Lexus keeps raising the bar with each debut. This thing has so many great and interesting details/angles. Most other automakers don't even have concept cars with this much design. Keep it up Lexus!
  6. Looks pretty good, apart from the Camry wheels, hopefully that can be rectified before retail.
    • Agreed. Love the new NX!! However minus the extra black: rear light cladding, black mirrors, black wheel well cladding, and the Corolla Sport black/machined wheels. Actually, come to think of it, the Corolla's wheels are "nicer".
  7. I spy a new F-Sport badge on the rear!
  8. Autoguide didn't seem to know for sure, and assumed the Hybrid will be straight carryover from the current Camry/ES300h, but the 2015 Camry is being introduced in New York next week, and is expected to get a revised and more powerful hybrid powertrain for the new year. I can't see how this would get carryover parts with Camry getting a major revision at the same time. I'm expecting significant improvements to the powertrain at next week's reveal at the Javitz Center. And will Lexus continue charging significantly more for hybrids with less power than their gas counterparts. The People seems to be willing to pay the freight in the ES, so I expect Lexus to keep it up, but paying $3k more for less power and more fuel efficiency, doesn't help it's value any..... BD
  9. Motor Trend just posted the story..... Autobots.....ENGAGE! BD
  10. This is a work of art. After all it's a Lexus Lexus nailed it like always..
  11. WOW!!! Lexus better be so proud! Way to go! My only gripe is the spindle grill although aggressive it kinda lacks depth. IMO
  12. I like this! Also did anyone else notice the new location of the parking brake?
  13. To be honest, after the reveal of the concept I was worried that it might end up looking a bit too, hazy with all those angles everywhere. But now all those worries had drifted away because this car looks stunning. There's something exeptionally dynamic in its design. And that interior, WOW! Nicely done Lexus, nicely done.
  14. Does any1 know if the hybrid will have the f sport package? I love the f sport grille and the interior but i want to keep it with hybrid engine.
  15. Yet another implementation of what I assume to be a back button on the RTI. Same thing on the RC F- Sport, but the RTI seems to be built into the actual center console rather than the unit being above everything. I like the new design in all aspects, though.
  16. Looks great!! However fender gap is already a huge problem on all stock vehicles. They've only made it worse by adding that cheap black plastic around the wheel wells.
  17. Its crying out for larger wheels with thinner tires......
  18. The design is not too far from the concept and that's a plus for Lexus! Keep building modern machines around the signature spindle grille and be on top once again. The Pursuit Of Perfection is over Lexus, you've accomplished that years ago!
  19. I know there was a recent post with a nx 300h f sport but will the usa get that version? I know usa dont have lexus is 300h but i really hope it does. Can anyone confirm this?
  20. Lexus NEVER wrong when it comes to design ... Also Will Audi and BMW owners be disappointed when they see that BEAUTY! (Obviously)
  21. I love it! Kinda felt strange at first picture that i saw but the looking thru the next of the pictures it made me say WOW. Fantastic job Lexus. Very stylish, unique and ruggedly handsome. Why settle for less when u can have the best!
  22. Finally, first Lexus SUV with dual exhausts!
  23. When you know Lexus has crushed it: When ALL the trolls come out on the car mags sites to attack you, that's when you know you've crushed it! You can hear the fear in their posts. That's when you know.... And the fact that it will be the only vehicle in it's class getting anything close to 40 MPG combined is just an added bonus! BD
  24. Ray

    The more I look at NX, the more I fall in love. Gosh, Lexus, you have created a perfect storm. Great quality car with stunning design. I own a 2012 lexus RX with LED headlights. Love it. However, NX headlamps is even sharper than mine. I am speechless. The next gen for RX must be a true killer machine. I can only imagine. Earlier, I did mention that the screen not integrated with dashboard. I was wrong. When I compare it to Merc entry level SUV GLA, NX has the upper hand. NX design is well thought and seems to have higher quality material. Goood Job Lexus. So Krew I take back my word. I am proud to be a Lexus enthusiast.
  25. I have no interest in such type of car (SUV/SAV/WhatEverVehicle), but this is just so good in all ways. Want!