Photo Gallery: The 2015 Lexus RC F SPORT

Lexus RC F SPORT Gallery

Lexus has released new information about the Lexus RC F SPORT, including this full photo gallery:

The front end and wheel design may be the only changes, but this RC F SPORT is a near-perfect balance between the standard RC and the RC F — Lexus has done an excellent job creating a wide range of possibilities with this new model.

(And how about the RC in Ultra White? Amazing.)


  1. Words can't express how impressed I am with this car! I was a bit skeptical about that grille, but after seeing this the car is drop dead gorgeous!
  2. The more I look at the inset badge, the more I dislike the badge placement.
  3. Apart from the Fog lights on the RC (which just look unnecessary where they are) - the RC, RC F and RC F Sport - are truly amazing - in my opinion - the ONLY model where the Spindle Grill actually looks amazing and perfectly suits the cars lines. The RC is not overtly fussy, has clean lines (maybe apart from the rear 'Black lower Grill / Gills on the RC and RC F Sport), amazing poise and stance and the interior middle section fits very nicely (whereby on the IS - the similar section looks cramped). Well done Lexus - I hope THIS is the sign of things to come!!
  4. És una cosa bonica bonica !!! Estic enamorat d'aquest vehicle...
  5. Any idea if we are getting the RC300h 40mpg version??