Lexus Sets Middle East Sales Record in 2013

Lexus LS in the Middle East

Lexus was the #1 luxury automotive brand in the Middle East for 2013, with sales growing 19% for a total of 37,284 vehicles sold.

New IS sales jumped 63% to 1,864 vehicles in 2013, yet Lexus’ entry-level sedan was still outsold by the LS, which increased 55% to 2,171 units sold.

(Although it goes unmentioned in the press release, the LX 570 was likely the brand’s top seller in the region — in 2012, it commanded 47% of the full-size luxury SUV market.)

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  1. Again, thank you Middle East for keeping the LX alive. The next one should be good, hopefully!
  2. Lexus keep topping the charts
  3. Well I knew Lexus could do that from the first place :-p NOW Imagining the RCF came out!! Mercedes, BMW and Audi bye bye . . Also I don't know if you heard about it... In the Middle East specifically Kuwait there is the biggest showroom in the WORLD that has a 7-Star service :D I guess that was the beginning of Lexus's journey to the TOP in Middle East . . WAY TO GO Lexus!
  4. Will Lexus be making a "drift" ES350? I know those Saudis love drifting Camrys and other mundane family sedans to get famous on Youtube.