Photo Gallery: Blacked Out Lexus RX 450h F SPORT

Lexus RX 450h F SPORT Custom

My friends from Lexus of Perth in Australia sent me these photos of a custom RX 450h F SPORT:

The RX F SPORT looks pretty good with a blacked out bumper — reminds me of the special edition RX that was released in Europe late last year. What do you think of the custom work?

(Thanks Morgan!)


  1. Love the front full-spindle-grill effect and blacked out roof. The rest is overdone for me (mirrors, handles, etc)
  2. Looks great. Just wish there is Fsport model for Hybrid lineup in North american market. Sigh
  3. I actually like this.
  4. too much has been done to a car thats suppose to be luxury.. factroy options are more then enough for this car
  5. i rather keep the middle bar on the spindle grill white... IMO
  6. I have a 2013 RX 450H with the F-Sport appearance package from the factory. Has the front grille and the semi chrome 19" wheels. I customed ordered it when I worked at the Toyota manufacturing plant. Will be selling it on May. 8125688161