Jeremy Clarkson “Quite Likes” the Lexus RC F

Lexus RC F Jeremy Clarkson

The new season of Top Gear starts tonight, so it’s only fitting to share what presenter Jeremy Clarkson said about the Lexus RC F on Facebook:

Hate to admit I quite like it.

If Clarkson’s transformation from Lexus-basher to reluctant Lexus enthusiast shows anything, it’s that the brand’s new focus on performance & design can convert even the most die-hard skeptics — proof that the magic of the LFA works on anyone.

(Can’t wait to see the RC F feature on Top Gear!)

[Source: Jeremy Clarkson Facebook]


  1. The RC-F came up on the program and both Clarkson and May admitted to liking it to which Hammond joked about being converted to liking Golf (which is the unfortunate association with Lexus in the UK). Though I think the F models and F-sport will slowly break that down.
  2. What's there to not love about this car? He loves the LFA also.
  3. He still says Lexus LFA "is the best car I have ever driven" and that he keeps a picture of an LFA in his wallet. I am sure this time around, the RC-F will really impress him (unlike the IS-F, which he found underwhelming).
    • I think that's going to change with the P1, I just got a feeling it will BUT he still loves the LFA undoubtedly
    • People thought he would change it when he reviewed the F12, but he said at the end "I would much rather buy an LFA" and still maintained it was the best car he has ever driven.
    • It's a good argument but keep in mind that we are talking about cars one notch above the F12 ( look at the 918 reviews), keep also in mind that autocar and TG is biased towards British cars When analyzing it like that the odds are not in the LFAs favour
  4. That's a good sign for the RCF I mean seriously who could NOT LOVE this BEAST from first sight?
    • Oh lots of people have no love for the RC F, esp. Bimmer FanBoys, they love to hate on the RC F..... and its obviously why, 'cause its a BEAST thats going to tear the M4 apart........ muahahaha!
    • Well BMW fanboys are a special case nowadays. They have never been that big haters. They don't hate only on Lexus, but also on Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar, Maserati and Bentley. They feel/know? BMW is no more the best and the rivals have caught up. LOL, BMW is the only luxury car manufacturer that has no true sports car.
    • I think that the biggest Lexus haters ever are the audi fanboyz. Anyway as a true car enthusiast, beside Lexus wich remain my favourite brand, i would rather take a BMW over any boring Audi anytime anyday.
    • Oh and I was reading several comments about the RC F on Bimmerpost and the larger part of them were quite positive included the one from the webmaster.
  5. RCF = poor man's LFA? :)
  6. KCL

    Sorry, not related to this news, but is the RC F has rear wheel steering from this photo ?