Photo Gallery: Black & White Lexus GS 300h in London

Lexus GS 300h Black & White

Lexus UK has published a nice black & white Facebook photo gallery with the GS 300h in London:

I really wish Lexus would reconsider bringing the GS 300h to North America — I just did a rough calculation using GS 450h prices as a baseline, and a GS 300h could cost as little as $41,000 in the USA1.

Do you think this hybrid powertrain would be enough to reverse the model’s sales decline?

1 I took the base price of the GS 450h in the USA ($60,430 USD) and calculated it as a percentage of the UK base price (£45,495, or $75,294 USD), coming up with 80.26%. I then multiplied the base price of the UK GS 300h (£31,495, or $52,124 USD) by 80.26%. I realize this is simplistic and doesn’t account for differing options, and welcome any corrections.

[Source: Lexus UK Facebook]