Imagining the Lexus ES Shooting Brake

Lexus ES Shooting Brake

Here’s a funny mashup — photochopper Theophilus Chin took the Lexus ES and merged it with the Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake, creating the ES Sportcross wagon.

(Considering the ES is not offered in Europe and the CLS Shooting Brake is unavailable in North America, it’s a strange combination — I have a hard time imagining a less likely Lexus vehicle.)

[Source: Theophilus Chin]


  1. It's actually not bad.
  2. I often wondered that with TMC having the Venza, why not have something similar with LEXUS ? When the Venza was introduced, Management expressed it was a soft impression of LEXUS or "LEXUS LITE". Could the company consider it worth while?
  3. That actually doesn't look half bad. Might sell well really.
  4. If this was priced competitively with the German marques it would sell very well I believe in Europe. Never going to happen though.
  5. Please don't! If you want to buy a wagon, go to Toyota. Avensis is a good choise! Lexus does not need to run after trends just to impress AUDI/BENZ/BMW and satisfy every niche. Keep on building F-Sports for every model and start reenforce image in direction to Maserati and Porsche. That is where Lexus perfectly suits. The upcoming NX300h and NX200t are covering that wagon-field already. By the way: For the ES it would be better to be a Toyota. ;) Regards, Lexusman
    • Well BMW sells around 200k 3 series each year in Europe. I'm not sure what percentage are in wagon/estate format, but in many countries it is >50%. I think it is correct to say that BMW, Audi and MB each sell more wagons in this class alone than Lexus' entire sales in the region. So it is a very big market that Lexus is choosing to ignore.
  6. Would not happen. Lexus would make a whole new car for the shooting brake ( what a stupid name ) then do this to the ES. Even tho I do believe Lexus needs a wagon kind of car in their lineup
    • Mercedes didn't invent the term shooting brake -- it's been around for over a hundred years. It would save R&D for Lexus to develop a shooting brake off an existing model such as the ES (or GS).
    • Yes it would save them money but at the same time if Lexus is trying to move upmarket they cant just build off existing models.
  7. Yes, make it for the European market only, thanks.
  8. I would sell my 530xi Touring and buy one of these in a heartbeat (if available in Canada). What an enormous market Lexus is ignoring! There are no *reliable* wagons available in Canada (i.e. Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, Nissan, and Infiniti don't offer any in Canada), so I hope Lexus solves this problem FAST!
  9. The Mercedes CLS shooting brakes is a joke
  10. It's not a shooting brake. Neither is the Merceds CLS SB.