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Photo Gallery: Lexus RC F GT500 Racecar in Detail

Lexus RC F GT500 Racecar

At this point, we’ve all seen the Lexus RC F GT500 display from the Tokyo Auto Salon, but Lexus International has just posted up some great photos of the racecar and its super-stylish mannequin pit crew:

Can’t wait to see how the Lexus Super GT teams customize their RC Fs, it’s going to be quite a sight — the 2014 Super GT season will start at Okayama International Circuit in Japan on April 6.

[Source: Lexus International]

Lexus a TRUE UNIQUE car!! I mean who would've thought that Lexus can do that?! everyone thought that Lexus is just a boring car!! But by making the LFA!! this was made people re-think about Lexus!! I'm SUPER glad I choose Lexus as BRAND!!
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    Lexus Cohen
  • January 22, 2014
I always knew Lexus was a superior luxury brand. They are definitely engineering amazing and I will always and forever buy their cars. Lexus is #1 and no one can dispute that, they created the unique LFA(Lexus F##king Awesome), the monster IS F and more F bombs coming. They don't need to pursue perfection anymore, they've already got it!