Video: Introducing the New Lexus RC F

Lexus RC F Reveal Video

Here’s the video shown right before the Lexus RC F’s live reveal at yesterday’s press conference:

It’s not as wild as the videos from the IS & RC launches, but listen closely and you can hear the snarl and roar of that V8 engine — that’s the best way to introduce “The Next F”.


  1. god that sound is amazing. any idea what song that is in the video?
  2. Great video. It is epic, I love it.
  3. Lexus today, Lexus tomorrow, Lexus forever!
  4. This picture says it all for those of us that may not like prominence of the Spindle Grille. My point is look at where the darkness is shown in this picture on the chrome trim of the Spindle Grille, if you black that same section of the dark areas shown here I think you have a really nice look. For me it is the stretching of the chrome trim from the switchback to meet the bottom that bothers me; and for those that don't like the bottom you could black that out too. :)