Lexus Europe 2013 Sales Report

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Lexus Europe has reported 43,281 sales for 2013 — here’s a model-by-model breakdown for all Western, Central and Eastern European countries, including Turkey and Russia:

2013 Sales Hybrid Percentage
CT 9,406 100%
IS 7,562 79.1%
ES 2,673 6.3%
GS 3,714 38.0%
LS 952 47.8%
RX 13,501 48.8%
Other Models 5,473 N/A
Total Sales 43,281 53.3%

Launched in the second half of 2013, The new Lexus IS range launched in the second half of the year, and accounted for over one quarter of total Lexus sales in the closing months of the year. Overall, IS sales tripled when compared to 2012, with the hybrid IS 300h making up nearly 80% of the 7,562 total.

Lexus achieved record annual sales volumes in six European markets in 2013 including: Russia, France, Kazakhstan, Israel, Norway and the Caucasus.

[Source: Lexus Europe]


  1. About the IS, don't forget that in some countries only the hybrid is available, there's no choice. I'm curious about the sales figures in Germany for the IS. For some is the speed limit of 200km/h a little bit ....
    • Same goes for the RX and LS in some places. Norway, Netherlands, Belgium seems to be hybrid only (briefly looking at the websites)
  2. Lexus has the best cars on the road, their numbers say a lot also.
  3. Lexus should bring the IS 300h to the United States ASAP...
  4. Russians and much of the old East Bloc loves Lexus, whereas Western Europe still won't budge from their Benzos and Bimmers.
  5. It be interesting to see how the UK market is with Lexus, I was told UK is one of biggest European market for Lexus after Russia ? & I do see a lot of Lexus's in my city & that isn't London