Lexus RC F Press Photo Gallery

Lexus RC F Massive Photo Gallery

A massive new collection of official Lexus RC F photos were released today — let’s start with the North American edition of the high-performance coupe:

(I believe the single difference between the North American & non-North American versions is the hood — at this point, the RC F will not be available with a carbon fiber hood in the USA or Canada.)


  1. My eyes are so full!!! Thank you for these!! :D
  2. 20 bucks that the US will get screwed out of this color! Any takers lol Wonder what this bad boy is going to cost!?
    • I will take your twenty bucks since this this color was on the ISF in the USA. If this car is priced less than 76K than you have a sales winner here...
    • Rumor has it that with the carbon package it will hopefully be around 76-77. with out 72-73.
    • Direct UKPound to USDollar conversion of $75k would make it £46k in the UK. That would be impossible to expect over here as we get charged almost the equivalent £ for $. Lets say the price over here will be £60k that would be equiv to $98k. You can understand my frustration when for you guys this fantastic car will be affordable. But we live in rip-off Britain.
    • You guys are lucky in the UK & US, the ISF is $135k here in Australia, so the RCF would most likely cost $170k here!!! I own the IS300h Fsport and it cost me $73K, the only Lexus i could afford here in OZ (besides the CT).
  3. This car is incredible. Bold. Aggressive. Powerful. Thank you Lexus your doing something Acura and Infiniti aren't and putting Japanese Luxury in a place it has never been before. Now can we please have the full detials on this car?
  4. WHY just why lexus, what's with this small display !?!? this is the F not the normal one at least improve this...
    • Art

      I do agree. If the car is going to cost more than the GS it should have a bigger screen or at least as an option. There is room for it. It may be a cost savings thing or they figured the attention would be else where on this car.
  5. Are those speakers in the front seat shoulders, comparable to something Infitini does?