Camouflaged Lexus RC F Prototype Shown in Official Video

Lexus RC F Prototype

One week before the debut of the RC F coupe at the Detroit Auto Show, Lexus International has released two videos with Yukihiko Yaguchi, chief engineer of the IS F and likely a key figure in the development of the new high-performance coupe:

In the second video, a camouflaged RC F can been seen on the track with the IS F & IS F CCS-R — here’s a screenshot:

Lexus RC F Prototype

This is the most detailed (official) RC F teaser so far — the question is, will Lexus reveal further details on the coupe before its release next week?


  1. So , I someone tweet Lexus about the next ISF, and Lexus responded with a picture of the RCF teaser, saying it was the ISF replacement. I am so excited for the RCF but I am truly going to miss the ISF. :(
  2. I can tell you know that the the will be another last minute leak of the RCF, estimating on the Friday ,Saturday or Monday.Someone under cover will have to do the deed.
  3. If the RCF does not include a 12.3 I wont even consider buying it..
  4. Honestly, I don't think Lexus will discontinue the IS F because then they'll be able to have an entire line of F marque high performance vehicles similar to BMW's M line, Mercedes AMG, and Audi S. If Lexus really wants the competition, they need the ISF to be a direct competitor of the M3 and the RCF to be an M4 competitor. I currently own a GS and if their recent patent of "GSF" will be carried out, they'll really do well and compete with the M5 and M6. That's just my opinion, but I still believe Lexus will do extremely well with their F line of vehicles.
  5. Also the RCF seems to ride very high and have a big wheel gap I hope that changes and its more low slung
  6. Road & Track posted 4 photos of the RC F a while ago!
    • Page has been removed, but there's a great selection of photos at Automobile Magazine:
  8. Its got a carbon fiber roof it looks like :)
  9. Check this latest Video of the full UN Camouflaged RC-F by Auto Guide. Enjoy