Camouflaged Lexus NX Prototype Spotted in Japan

Lexus NX Hero Spy Shot

A Lexus NX prototype has been spotted by Japanese magazine Mag-X in some pretty wild camouflage — here are the two photos:

Lexus NX Spy Shot rear

Lexus NX Spy Shot Front

The vehicle has been expertly disguised, with only the front spindle grille giving away that fact the model is a Lexus at all — makes me wonder, wouldn’t this amount of camouflage affect the driving characteristics of the vehicle?

[Source: Mag-X]


  1. Hey guys , the NX is suppose to use the latest Rav4 chassis , right ? I wonder would the NX somehow looks like Toyota's latest Harrier ? Since Toyota's latest Harrier is run on the latest Rav4 chassis .
  2. As usual Toyota is very clever with this. Is this why one rarely sees Japanese spy photos, as they are borderline useless in being heavily disguised? At JLR, I figure we only utilize camouflage patterns. This would be a heavy disguise/sheathing, not camouflage as it doesn't blend in anything nor fool any cameras. Also, this looks too big to be an NX. Is this the next RX(AL20?)?
    • The shape suggests the NX and it might be too early for the RX prototype.
    • It is very much not too early for RX prototypes. We've seen test mules for a few months of the next RX, as well as that the current model (AL10) was spotted as a test mule in June 2006 and July 2007. The first 2010 RX LHD prototype was built in late 2007. RHD ones were built even earlier, so it's not too far-fetched. It barely went on sale in February 2009. This is most likely the NX, but has a small possibility of being an RX prototype.
    • At this stage I expect the next RX testing in the current sheet metal :)
    • The next RX is scheduled for late 2014/early 2015, so it should testing already domestically in RHD configuration. The current model was already testing in 2007 in production sheet metal on Toyota test grounds in Aichi. Just because we don't see it in photographs, doesn't mean it isn't testing already. I don't work for Toyota/Lexus, but work for another and at the moment we engage in testing our prototypes privately, before sending them out for real world testing.
  3. I see the hood shape, headlight placement, and deep grille are in full effect..... BD
  4. I also wanted to point out that the RC spy shots wrapped like this look nothing like the actual RC. So, we may not get enough information from these pictures.
    • forgot to post this...
    • These are likely legitimate. In 2005, both the 2007 LS and ES were caught testing in this material. A test mule for the IS C was also illegally spotted in early 2006 on Aichi grounds, well before a finalized design was set in 2007.
  5. Might be the RX.