Lexus November 2013 Sales Report

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Lexus USA has reported 25,611 total sales for November 2013, a 8.4% improvement over last year — here’s the model-by-model breakdown:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2013 2012 % CHG* 2013 2012 % CHG*
CT 1,002 1,264 -23.8 13,284 16,075 -17.7
HS 0 3 -100.0 5 647 -99.2
IS 3,973 1,988 92.2 29,603 25,211 17.0
ES 6,295 6,066 -0.2 64,368 48,171 33.2
GS 1,590 1,826 -16.3 17,138 19,364 -11.8
LS 1,039 1,309 -23.7 9,663 7,059 36.4
SC 0 0 NA 0 2 ‐100.0
LFA 2 4 -51.9 22 40 -45.2
Total Cars 13,901 12,460 7.3 134,083 116,569 14.6
RX 9,493 8,871 2.9 90,751 82,847 9.2
GX 1,703 1,003 63.3 10,306 9,632 6.6
LX 514 385 28.4 3,950 4,511 -12.7
Total Trucks 11,710 10,259 9.8 105,007 96,990 7.9
Total Sales 25,611 22,719 8.4 239,090 213,559 11.6

Please note, all percentages are calculated by the Daily Sales Rate (DSR), which takes into account the number of days in the month that dealerships could sell cars. November 2013 had 26 selling days, November 2012 had 25 selling days.

The IS had an extremely successful month, just about hitting the 4,000 unit mark for the first time since the sedan has been redesigned. The ES continues its remarkable performance with 6,295 sales, and the entire SUV lineup all had strong numbers in November.

On a less positive note, the LS fell 23.7% year over year despite 1,000+ sales, though this drop can be explained — the revamped flagship sedan was just hitting dealerships this time last November. Both the CT & GS remain in the negative column, though there’s hope for the CT to regain some momentum when the 2014 refresh starts arriving in dealerships.


Lexus Canada sold 1,330 vehicles last month, up 3.4% over last year and setting a new November record. This marks the fourth month in a row for record sales in Canada.

See the model-by-model Lexus Canada numbers


  1. I wonder how many GS sales were stolen from the IS. LFA - still being sold? I thought the 100 units were sold by now in the US. Surprising increase with the GS and LX. Where are the Canadian sales?
    • Can't really use that excuse, since the GS was selling similar numbers before the redesign hit the streets. That segment belongs to BMW and Mercedes. You can't win them all...... BD
    • Uhmm when the previous generation GS was released in 2005 it managed to sell over 33,457 in 2005, 27,390 in 2006 & 23,281 in 2007 The current GS has been a flop in comparison.
    • Right! GS is a total flop! Well, Lexus! What to do next? Redesign the GS after just 2 years in sale? No option indeed! Lowering price of GS dramatically? No real option! Well. It seems this has to be sit out for the next redesign in 2016. Hard fact, though! But this car is great and is Akio Toyoda's baby.
    • The problem is that Lexus no longer knows 'who they are' Lexus in a way is in some type of identity crisis right now. When Lexus started it was about pure perfection. Making the highest quality car on the planet. It was their their thing. Nowadays they're a confused company and the problem is that the main consumers who made Lexus the golden company are repelled by their latest products. Truth be told most people don't care about how a car handles, or how sporty a car is, let alone want one. Besides in the previous generation years Lexus used to have the best HP out of all the competition. Remember the GS400? Nowadays Lexus has fallen behind in the HP war pretty bad. The last winner they has was the 2006 IS350 with a 306HP V6. So a message to Lexus. Stop with the cr*p and actually make what people want. Quality interiors, quality exteriors, refinement, god looks and big HP. FORGET ABOUT TRYING TO BE SPORTY and F-sports and all that. The ISF is a good car because it has a powerful V8 and with the elegance of the 2IS. Where is the new gen ISF?
    • Brilliant statement, F1orce! I totally do agree! "Striving for perfection" is really what I miss. I was shocked they changed the slogan into "creating amazing". Well and you are also right: NISSAN is known for freaky design (OMG: the JUKE) and so fort. And MAZDA is like lexus but with more sales and same quality. Right: Lexus, forget the pseudo-pretending F-design-line like Audi's S, BMW's M, Mercedes' AMG. Lexus was a marque between Bentely and Mercedes, not Audi/VW or BMW. Forget competing the 3 Germans (Audi/BMW/Benz) but look beyond. Well, the current GS is still my dreamcar, but NX/RC is a big threat to the marque. Regards, Lexusman Europe
    • the old lexus design was working for lexus in the US. outside the US the Germans were pulling away in terms of design. lexus had to do something by accepting the fact that it time for change. Sales in the US might not be picking up by much but outside the US the brand is starting to get noticed. The flopy GS in the US is roaming the streets here in SA big time.
    • I disagree. Who said Lexus isn't making quality interiors, smooth rides, and refined drivers? They are just adding a youthful style to the brand, which is very refreshing and attractive. They aren't going after people in their 60's any more, which is just good business. They'll continue to buy Lexus because they still do what they always have. But now, younger buyer are being brought into the fold. The Lexus IS has the most buyers under 40 of any car in the segment. What they're doing is working, and is great for the brand long-term..... BD
    • Well, do not forget: those years where economically stable and demand was higher. Take that into account.
    • Max

      "That segment belongs to BMW and Mercedes..." You should explain me why, while i can understand for the 5er wich is beautiful, remain a mistery for the E-Classe, the most ugly mercedes ever made...sad that americans are starting to buy luxury cars just for their brand (otherwise cannot find any other explanation) exactly like europeans does since ever. And in this view I think the new Genesis premium brand will be a flop...if Lexus,wich exist since 1989, has difficults to beat germans I just can imagine Genesis wich by the way is korean and koreans doesn't have prestige at all as luxury carmakers, not even half than japanese.
    • Right! Good luck, Genesis! Look, also Infinity flops in Europe and is about to lend engines from Mercedes! What a poor thing! Do not forget that Nissan is in touch with Renault, which build cars with low image and low quality, changing design every two years and so forth. Well well...
    • I will never buy a Nissan for as long as the Renualt affiliation exists..
    • Take a good look at the new Genesis. Hyundai is doing what Lexus used to do back in the day. A superior car at a lower price. The Genesis is perfect in many ways and they sell pretty well in USA & Canada.
    • I said it before and I am saying it now, and will say it in future Delete the ES By simple mathematics, the ES stole 65,000 per year from Avalon, IS and GS Imagine no ES So this will make around 45k more bump to the Avalon 10k - 20k to the GS 15k - 30k to the IS Really I even prefer the design of Avalon interior and exterior in comparison with this ES Also the next GS / LS need to be stepped forward to the territory of Ghibly / Quattroportti Not still in 5/7
    • The ES started this company, with the LS, and is Lexus' most successful sedan. Always has been. Why kill your best model in the HOPES that your weaker models, and NON-LEXUS models would take up the slack? Why would a Lexus ES buyer migrate to cars like the IS and GS, cars that are trying to be the exact opposite of the ES? It wouldn't help them much. All they share in common is the Lexus name. Your business savvy is seriously lacking. For Lexus to successfully market luxury sports sedans, it will take time. Rome wasn't built in a day. The IS is outselling the Cadillac ATS, so they are on the right track..... BD
    • This is my view, and this is what I am totally believe in Lexus will never be as the Germans as long as the ES is in the line up ES is wrong now, maybe before 2006 the ES is ok But now, while they already want to change the look and the brand to be more sporty, more agile, So the ES is not for our time, is not for the look of Lexus, maybe they looks good, maybe they are much roomier, maybe they are old school luxury and comfort So I was just saying, leave the old style comfort luxury, just for Toyota, and remove the ES, because this is not ES time, this is the next LFA, SC era, this is F brand era, this is more reliability and design elements era,
    • We just sold a LFA a few weeks ago. I think there is 1 left in the US that is not sold yet.
  2. Very solid numbers. They'll end up right around 270k for the year, with their December to Remember always good for 30k to close the year out. Would like to see the RX reach 100k for the year. They can do it. Probably will be an internal goal of the company..... BD
  3. The IS isn't doing as good as you think. Back when the 2IS was released in 2006 it managed over 50,000 in annual sales for three consecutive yrs in 2006, 2007, 2008
    • Well, do not forget: those years where economically stable and demand was higher. Take that into account. Besides: US sales strategy is strange not to allow the IS300h to go on sale due the ugly ES-grandpa-car. A pitty!
  4. Seems GS is about to flop! A petty! The positive effect: used car prices of GS will tumble due low reselling-values. Fine story! Therefore, you get much value for less money if you wait 3-4 years.
  5. Lexus really does seem lost with their current design and marketing strategy. I'd delete the GS (which has never sold overly well), and bring the LS back down to the 50k-60k price point. The strategy that sold volumes: priced alongside the E-Class, but as good as an S-Class. The LS is a very valuable brand name that has become over bloated and over priced. And what is the racer-spindle grille doing on an LS? The brand looks desperate to be pushing "sport" so loudly on every model. A classy, conservatively styled coupe like the original SC would also probably sell very well today, instead of something that looks like it belongs in a Scion showroom. Lexus also made a huge improvement in driving dynamics with the new IS sport sedan, but it's already outsold by the Infiniti Q50 probably only because of styling. I also agree that the ES should probably go - if only because it brings the value of the brand down to have a Toyota sedan essentially re-badged to give Lexus dealers more volume.