Akio Toyoda Speech from Lexus USA Dealer Meeting: “I Risk My Life for Lexus!”

Lexus USA Dealers Meeting

Lexus USA held its annual dealer meeting in New Orleans last week, where dealership representatives had a chance to see future vehicles and learn about what’s next for the brand.

While the new products in the pipeline remain a mystery, Toyota’s Driver Seat blog has some quotes from president Akio Toyoda’s speech at the event:

“For a car guy like me, the promise of Lexus is the fulfillment of every dream I ever had as a kid,” said Toyoda, known for personally test-driving new vehicles as well as competing on the racetrack. “If you’re addicted to the high of driving at 180 miles per hour, then you have some sense of why Lexus is so important to me. It’s why, in fact, I risk my life for Lexus!”

“It’s not just a single element like horsepower,” he said. “It is how all the parts work together, from the suspension, to the acceleration, to the sound of the engine, to the tuning. So we will have horsepower for sure. But we will also look at performance as a whole to deliver a truly superb driving experience for our customers.”

With every speech and interview, the vision that Toyoda-san has for Lexus becomes clearer — although it’s constantly framed as Lexus trying to catch up with the German brands, this transition into high-performance is built on the passion of the company’s leader. That’s a powerful message very similar to the launch of Lexus in 1989, when Toyota set out to prove that a Japanese luxury sedan could compete with the best in the world.

The next year should prove very interesting indeed — Have to say, it’s an exciting time to be a Lexus enthusiast!

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  1. Which proves my words on yesterday article about the LS650 TMG The next 3 years is a milestones in all Lexus and Toyota history May even be a milestones for all Japanese depending on the success of Toyota Corp In the next 3 years we will see from Toyota -Supra successor -Sedan version of FT -Cabrio version of FT -Next Generation Land Cruiser -Next Generation Camry (which I guess the dealer already saw it in this meeting) -Next Generation Mark-X (which may return the sedan version of the supra successor as the Cressida to the Supra in 70th to mid 90th) In the next 3 years we will see from Lexus -Next Generation CT with sedan and hatchback variants -Next Generation LS with F version -Next Generation SC aka LF-LC production version -Next Generation RX -Next Generation LX -RC coupe with F version and maybe cabriolet -NX -TX to replace the GX And based on the 3 years facelift, 3 years New Generation on 6 years cycle with New and updated engines and transmissions we can see -IS Facelift -GS Facelift -ES Facelift So they will be the 3 years of history, turning Toyota to its root as sporty Japanese, and give Lexus the way to really compete more with the German
    • stj

      Sadly the Mark X is going to be front wheel drive from next gen.
    • Said who? As long as the Toyota Crown is still around, the Mark X will never be a FWD.
    • No one said this even as a rumor Mark-X needed in Japan as it is a true Japanese RWD and my thinking which a lot of people will agree on it that If Toyota want really another FWD with the Camry in this category, which I doubt so much (Camry not a selling car in Japan and the Mark sell in Japan better than the American/international Camry and the European Avensis in Japan market)they will simply axe the Mark because Mark as a brand is a RWD from early 60th And I believe so much that the supra successor will have a sedan as the supra was
    • stj

    • Thanks for the tip First time to read it, and honestly not believe in this ff thing Akio way of talking and leading adding to it that the next Mark-X will be shown with the supra successor makes my words more sense I do believe they will use the 400hp hybrid engine that was introduced in Yaris as concept, but to be FF is totally missing the point to differentiate it from the Camry
    • If they want to make it a Hybrid, then they have the powertrain from the Crown Hybrid or the IS300h. Another thing that caught my attention was when the next generation Mark X is suppose to debut. They are thinking that it is coming out at the end of 2013 but the refresh model came out this year. I guess we will have to wait until Nov 2013 to see what is going on.
    • Great list! Actually, the next Camry hasn't been fully designed already, as that is still underway. They will finish that next year, like the current model (9/2011) was designed up to 2009, and the last one (4/2006) till 2004. The same applies to other ones in designed into 1989 (1992 Camry), 1994 (1997 Camry), and 1999 (2002 Camry). The Camry facelift is what was likely shown to them, as Toyota facelifts are designed 12-18 months ahead of production. Full redesigns take 18-30 months before introduction. I mainly look forward to the RC, LF-LC (design already frozen for production), LX (J300), Land Cruiser (J180 and J300), and most importantly the LS.
    • I found this new billboard of a 30th anniversary and all in black with a different lines as we have in Ukraine Can I be the facelift???
  2. Akio Toyoda is the coolest automobile CEO in the world.
  3. This only confirms what I have commented previously about this man. His Heritage, Passion, Drive and Addiction to making LEXUS the Brand of his dreams. I hold great admiration and praise for this incredible exectuve and heir to the TOYODA name and TOYOTA company. He Will propel TMC and LEXUS into Global dominance like we have never seen before. KEEP MOVING HIGHER AKIO !
  4. More confirmation that the LS650 is coming. It's just a matter of time..... BD
  5. The Passion for Lexus shown by Morizo is amazing , i wanna shake his hand one day.
  6. I applaud is "fun to drive" objective. It so far has brought a lot of love to the Lexus/Toyota brand by driving enthusiasts, and automotive testers. The passion between a driver and his/her vehicle, and the joy it brings them should be vital to vehicle design, as well as safety, reliability, and performance. In recent years look at the results & talk about how the LFA, 3gen IS, and GT86 have all been positive leaps forward for passionate vehicles. They've also taken the passion for driving enjoyment and have embedded it in the lesser-sport versions as well. I look forward to what is to come in the near future from Lexus/Toyota such as the RC, RC-F, & Supra successor.
    • Even Akio surmises with some of the press who think Toyotas don't give as much feedback in the cars. He gets props for breaking from traditional Japanese industry culture, which is usually traditional.