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UK Radio Personality Chris Evans Reviews the Lexus IS 300h

Lexus IS 300h

High profile UK radio & television personality Chris Evans has reviewed the new Lexus IS 300h for The Daily Mail, and it’s extremely positive:

This car looks great. I mean, really great. In fact, I can’t recall a new Lexus that hasn’t. Her sleek body styling and classy (especially for what is essentially a limo) razor-sharp slashes down the sills set the tone.

You climb into the cockpit and instantly know you’re in a quality creation.

And I hate hybrids. Or at least I did.This car is fantastic out on the road. Whatever Lexus has done to make her handle like she does, all hybrid car producers should take note.

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  • J
  • October 29, 2013
FINALLY! A positive review from the UK... :-/
  • C
  • October 29, 2013
Chris Evans is a TV and radio personality. Not really a car guy. Still he would be well known in he UK and somewhat influential. Also he recently gave a 1 star (dire) review of the new Toyota Auris hybrid, so I am very surprised to see he has given a positive review of the new IS hybrid. As Joe said, the UK press is probably more hostile to Toyota/Lexus than any other country.
    • D
      Dave Greatrix
    • February 23, 2014
    Chris Evans, not really a car guy? In 2010, he paid £12 million for a Ferrari to add to his extensive Ferrari COLLECTION. I would say anyone with a collection of Ferraris, not to mention several other cars, could be called a "car guy"......
  • T
  • October 30, 2013
I felt the same way. When I first saw the new IS I was shocked at how good the car looked in person.
  • T
    Tragic Bronson
  • November 16, 2013
And why this car isn't sold in America is a mystery.