Lexus LFA Owners Event Today in New Orleans

Lexus LFA Owners Event

A very special event is happening today in New Orleans — 20 Lexus LFA owners have gathered at the NOLA Motorsport Park for a day of racing.

While there’s sure to be official Lexus coverage in the days to come, people attending the track day have been posting photos on social media networks — here’s a quick collection.

Lexus LFA Owners Event 1

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Lexus LFA Owners Event 2

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Lexus LFA Owners Event 4

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Lexus LFA Owners Event 3

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Lexus LFA Owners Event 5

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Lexus LFA Owners Event 6

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LFA owners also had a chance to meet Akio Toyoda, who showed up in the #83 Nürburgring LFA race car:

Lexus LFA Owners Event Akio Toyoda

What an amazing event for owners, Lexus really pulled out all the stops to make this a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Can’t wait to see more coverage of the twenty LFAs all together.


  1. Three legends at the same place for the Lexus LFA - Grand Am champion Scott Pruett, JGTC champion Kinoshita and Akio Toyoda. Must have been one hell of an event.
  2. I am sick with envy...
  3. Am I allowed to attend with my 94 Celica?
  4. This is so awesome... I almost shed a tear. Make another Epic car like the LFA Lexus ! Please !
  5. Epic car meet... can anyone guess the total dollar amount that is there combined ? One could only imagine the epic sound of all those engines roaring down the track all at once... WHY NO VIDEO !
    • MD

      Lexus was shooting the event with multiple cameras and hopefully they will put together some great footage (not a pathetic shoddy documentary like they did in the "LFA vs Eclipse 500 jet" race event).
  6. An interesting anecdote, three of the used LFAs that Lexus brought were all bought on the spot by two buyers (one buyer bought two LFAs).
  7. Just saw some great footage of some cars on I'd be intersted to hear from drivers in standard LFA's how much tthere HOT tyre pressures were after 5 lap runs and how much they had them normalised back to for there next runs. PS those white Ring Editions give me a hard on.