Lexus Europe to Offer Internet Hotspot in Select Models

Lexus IS Wifi Europe

Select Lexus models in Europe are now available with an onboard Wi-Fi hotspot, providing Internet connectivity to the car’s passengers:

Always available and immediately activated when the car is switched on, Lexus Hotspot allows for the simultaneous use of up to five Wi-Fi devices on board. It also enables in–car interaction between them for both business and gaming purposes.

Lexus Hotspot operates via two 3G diversity antennas which guarantee optimum connectivity even at high vehicle speeds. 3G and 2G mobile communications technology supported and capable of over-the-air software updating, it is open to any GSM operator via the customer’s SIM card.

Lexus Hotspot is hard wired into the car battery to provide a constant power source.

For the curious, here’s what the unit looks like:

Lexus Hotspot

The Wi-Fi hotspot will be available on the IS, GS, CT & RX models, and is stored in the armrest. Pricing will vary by region (in the UK, the hotspot accessory is £350).

[Source: Lexus Europe]