Lexus Europe to Offer Internet Hotspot in Select Models

Lexus IS Wifi Europe

Select Lexus models in Europe are now available with an onboard Wi-Fi hotspot, providing Internet connectivity to the car’s passengers:

Always available and immediately activated when the car is switched on, Lexus Hotspot allows for the simultaneous use of up to five Wi-Fi devices on board. It also enables in–car interaction between them for both business and gaming purposes.

Lexus Hotspot operates via two 3G diversity antennas which guarantee optimum connectivity even at high vehicle speeds. 3G and 2G mobile communications technology supported and capable of over-the-air software updating, it is open to any GSM operator via the customer’s SIM card.

Lexus Hotspot is hard wired into the car battery to provide a constant power source.

For the curious, here’s what the unit looks like:

Lexus Hotspot

The Wi-Fi hotspot will be available on the IS, GS, CT & RX models, and is stored in the armrest. Pricing will vary by region (in the UK, the hotspot accessory is £350).

[Source: Lexus Europe]


  1. Next stop, Lexus USA. (Wishful thinking?)
    • I think it's better to pick up a portable hotspot from your carrier. For 1) it's upgradable, so you can go back to your carrier and get a new hotspot device, and 2) it's portable so you can carry it around anywhere you need internet access.
    • While I agree, its still nice to be able to just step into my car, and connect. Not have to worry about accidentally forgetting my hotspot on the kitchen table, etc. Its a nice feature in my opinion, and I think it'd do well here in the US. But thats one thing I hate about these car companies. While I get the whole marketing thing, EVERYONE else gets the nicer features/cars, and we get stuck with....Bleh.
    • Jon

      Its not doing well in the f-150 so i don't think it will fly here. Plus what it sounds like is you have to get the sim card and put it in so why pay for a service from your carrier that only works in the car. Why not leave the hotspot in the car or laptop bag cause you not going to use it at home you have wifi there already.
  2. Not available in the LS? It makes the most sense in that model, considering its almost marketed as a chauffeur car when equipped with the executive class seating package. Who wouldn't want wifi while relaxing in their reclining and massaging rear seats? Sometimes I don't understand the way Lexus thinks haha. I love them to death but sometimes its confusing.
  3. I never understood why cars have hot spots now... Would it be much faster then your phone's cellular connection? Wouldn't it be easier to buy an iPad with cellular built in? The only thing I could see this being useful for is if you have a laptop...
  4. Lexus is behind the curve on this. Audi has offered this in the US for years..... BD