How Will the Next-Generation Lexus Remote Touch System Work?

Lexus LF-NX Interior

Italian website Quattroruote has an amazing photo collection of the Lexus LF-NX concept interior — here’s a selection:

Of all the design details inside the LF-NX, the reinvented Remote Touch system deserves a closer look — there are two parts, the controller and the display screen:

Lexus LF-NX
Lexus LF-NX Interior Display Screen

Most importantly, the current Remote Touch controller has been replaced by a touchpad divided into four segments — this matches up with the controller seen in the LF-CC coupe concept:

Lexus LF-CC Coupe Touchpad

A similar setup was also spied in the new Lexus coupe prototype, albeit with a grainy resolution:

Lexus RC Coupe touchpad

The big question is how the system might work — Audi has a touchpad that supports letter writing, but relies on a dial to navigate menus. This Lexus system appears to use the touchpad as the central interface.

It’s possible that Lexus may use the touchpad to control a mouse pointer, like a traditional laptop. However, the crosshairs may indicate a system more like a smartphone — four different virtual buttons, swiping through selections, up & down to control scrolling. If the touchpad screen can change depending on the mode, it opens up a whole new level of interaction.

(Curiously, the navigation display shows icons in a circular pattern — could a drawn circle on the touchpad scroll through this menu?)

Enough from me — how do you think this new Remote Touch system works?

[Source: Quattroruote]